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Key Classifieds – August 11, 2017

St. Michael the Archangel High School Begins Its Mission

New building, new tech, new school year—St. Michael the Archangel High School is open and set to start a fresh perspective on Catholic education,

¿La Transfiguración de Jesús?

Este pasado domingo, 6 de agosto, celebramos en la Iglesia la fiesta de la Transfiguración del Señor.

Why Build a New Catholic High School?

I have been told that in the past year there were only 20 new Catholic high schools opened in the United States.

Festival de musique d’orgue francais

Throughout western Europe, South and Latin America, many great churches, cathedrals and basilicas are known for their pipe organs,

138 year old St. Columban church building in Chillicothe restored

“When I saw the completed church, oh my gosh, my jaw dropped!”

Kosovo refugee sends medical supplies to Kosovar hospitals

Imagine being 10 years old and having to flee your native land of Kosovo because of the Yugoslav/Albanian conflict which had been going on for years.

Getting Out of the Boat

What would it take for you to get out of the boat?

August 17, 2017
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph