La alegría del Evangelio… ¿La vives?

LA ALEGRÍA DEL EVANGELIO llena el corazón y la vida entera de los que se encuentran con Jesús.

The Importance of Common Ground

Much has been made about the extreme polarization that has developed across the country.

God sent the Spirit of his Son

A recent study of American culture found that loneliness among American adults has increased 16 percent in the last decade.

Al atardecer de la vida…seremos examinados en el amor

Al atardecer de la vida es un canto muy hermoso compuesto por Cesáreo Gabaráin,

¿El fin o el principio?

El mes de noviembre tiene la peculiaridad de apuntar hacia el fin de una vida, de un ciclo o de un año,

Love Over Lies

I just returned from a weekend at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis,

A Strong Foundation

I grew up in a small town in southwestern Colorado.

The Amazing Drama of India

Sunday before last, I landed a bit after 9 p.m. in Delhi, India, and joined my other three traveling companions as part of a Catholic Relief Services (CRS) delegation

2017 OCYP Annual Report: A 5-year Reflection

As we publish this 5th edition of the work of the OCYP, I asked myself this question

The Father’s Love

Being a father for the past thirteen years has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

December 16, 2017
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph