Bishop’s Column

The End is Near

It sounds foreboding and depressing, but it’s not.

Keeping perspective

In my homily at last week’s Red Mass, the annual Mass for those in the judiciary and the legal professions,

Weighing the Issues

As the upcoming election approaches, many are seeking assistance in how to prepare to vote.

All in the Family (of God)

It often occurs to me that many people are not sure what a diocese is, or what it does.

Preparing to Vote

Only a few weeks from the upcoming election, I offer a few thoughts in hope that they may be helpful in preparing to vote.

Where is heaven?

There we were, in the living room, having just enjoyed hot apple crisp for dessert.

Every nation’s true treasure

This past week a news story got my attention.

Calling evil good and good evil

The past few weeks have shown me that (fortunately) I am still capable of being shocked.

A Man for Our Season

Above my desk in my study is a framed print of the artist Hans Holbein’s famous portrait of Saint Thomas More

Passion and Purpose in Catholic Education

I was asked to begin our days together by sharing thoughts on my “vision” for our Catholic Schools.

April 30, 2017
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph