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Resolve doubts and move on

As a boy at this time of year, our large family eagerly anticipated the smells of cookies, pies, dressing

Serra Clubs work behind the scenes, promoting, supporting vocations

The year 2015 is a banner year for Kansas City area Serra Clubs members:

Anybody for saving taxes – And doing good at the same time?

Since 2006, hundreds of Diocesan donors have saved quite a bit of money and made their pastors and other church leaders happy too.

Preparing the Way for Your Family

Unfortunately too many surviving family members express thoughts after the death of a loved one like, “I wish s/he had done some planning.”

The new tax law and charitable giving: Much more than ‘avoiding the fiscal cliff’

The most prominent headlines regarding the new tax law focused on the so-called “fiscal cliff” which was avoided by Congress’s passage of new legislation on January 1, 2013. Even though the impact of the new tax law on charitable giving has not received much attention, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) promises to […]

Preparing the Way for your family

Just about everybody knows that he or she should visit an attorney for basic estate planning documents.

In honor of our fathers’ heritage

As members of the human race, we all share the fact that we have a father and mother.

Leaving a legacy in 2011 and beyond

Have you ever been nagged by the question at this time of year, “What did I accomplish?”

IRAs: The best way to give, dead or alive

The most recent compilation by the Investment Company Institute in 2009 found that Americans hold more than $215 Billion in their retirement savings in IRAs.

Preparing the Way for Your Family through Estate Planning

Surviving family members often express these thoughts after the death of a loved one, “I wish he had done some planning before passing away.

March 29, 2017
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph