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‘You know what has happened’

One of the casualties of the present age is the inability to arrive at agreement on just about anything.

Waiting for God

If one were to conduct an informal survey on the street where we ask people where food comes from, what would we likely hear from people?

The gift of God

The first rule of being a new husband is never to ask this question: “Dear, what do you want for Christmas/birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s Day?”

The geography of temptation

Everyone has their favorite place, whether imaginative or real.

Love beyond measure

Is something ethical because God commands it, or does God command it because it is ethical?

Wonder Twin Powers

One of my favorite cartoons to watch as a child was The Superfriends

That They May Be One

At first glance we might be tempted to yawn at our Gospel reading for today.

The Primacy of Baptism

Most of us do not remember the day of our baptism, for if we were born into a Catholic family our baptism took place when we were infants.

Keeping Christmas All Year Round

During Advent we have been encouraged to prepare for the coming of the Lord Jesus through various practices and disciplines.

The standard of Christian living

Teaching ethics to children is a great challenge.

April 23, 2014
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph