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Missouri House votes to end abortion ‘sanctuaries’

The Missouri Catholic Conference is hailing legislation passed by the Missouri House of Representative that seeks to stop the creation of abortion “sanctuaries” in Missouri.

MCC annual Assembly celebrated the visions of Vatican II

It’s very important to go to Mass.

Families still struggle 23 years after U.S. bishops’ challenge

How much have things changed since the U.S. bishops issued their pastoral, “Putting Children and Families First.”

World needs to give, seek forgiveness, speaker says

“I apologize” and “I forgive you.”

MCC Assembly will focus on challenges of families, marriage

Catholics from all corners of Missouri are invited to the state capitol Oct. 4 for the 19th annual Missouri Catholic Conference Assembly.

Pope’s themes emerging, bishop tells Missouri Catholics

Three themes are emerging from the first months after the election of Pope Francis, Des Moines Bishop Richard E. Pates told some 500 Missouri Catholics Sept. 28.

Preparing for life’s conclusion as a Catholic Christian

A conference gathered at the Catholic Center Oct. 13 to discuss something people don’t really like to talk about but most think about — death.

New document educates, expresses healthcare and end-of-life issues

As baby-boomers age, they often find themselves either caring for or making decisions for the care of a parent as they themselves are facing actual or eventual care needs.

Religious liberty is in jeopardy, Archbishop Lori tells Missourians

Free exercise of religion, guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, means much more than the right to attend worship services.

MCC Assembly: Priest lauds Civil War bishops

So how volatile was the climate in Missouri at the dawn of the Civil War?

September 23, 2017
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph