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Bishop, Serrans celebrate seminarians

If anybody’s mind was wandering as Bishop Robert W. Finn began his homily, he certainly brought them back to attention.

Serra Clubs work behind the scenes, promoting, supporting vocations

The year 2015 is a banner year for Kansas City area Serra Clubs members:

Serrans show their love for diocesan seminarians

Deacon Jack Fitzpatrick has been to nine of these events.

Serrans celebrate seminarians and their families with Mass, dinner

After seven ordinations since December 2011, there will be no priestly ordinations for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in 2013.

Tradition of appreciation continues for priests, seminarians

You could feel Bob Miller in the room, his brother, attorney Dick Miller told the crowd.

Priest, Seminarian Appreciation Day set for Sept. 17

So how big can a party that began as a backyard barbecue get?

‘Thank you for being a Sister’

“Today we express our thanks to you sisters and to those who came before you, for your holy determination.”

Seminarians thank Serrans for prayers, support

Once again, they came in droves to show their appreciation, respect and love for each other.

‘Retired’ priests enjoy lunch, fellowship courtesy of friends

There is no such thing as a “retired” priest.

Religious honored for lives of faith and service

“I wish to express the thanks of us all for your charity and faith, the contribution of your holiness, and your service in this local Church.”

April 01, 2015
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph