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Are Democrats Trying to Kill Immigration Reform?

We know that the Republicans whose patron saint believed in a shining city where the “doors were open to anyone with the will and heart to get here,” have utterly abandoned that principle in fear of tea party rage. But recent legislative moves by the Democrats make it appear they have no intention of passing […]

That’s the upshot of an excellent column by Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete at Il Sussidiario. The column is a follow up to a previous one in which he wrote: Protestants think in a Protestant way, and that is as expected. What is sad is how much many Catholics in America also think about faith in a […]

Mary Help of Christians, Pray for Us

My sister was born two years ago. She’s really fun. I can’t wait to play with her, but I can’t. I’m frozen in a tube and doctor says he needs my cells to help cure really famous people with really bad diseases. Mary Help of Christians, Pray for Us. Here I am Lord, but momma […]

In an ideal world, a Defense Authorization bill would be about defense authorization. But the National Defense Authorization Act for 2011 (S. 3454), is about much more and must be opposed. Chief among the bill’s defects is an amendment by Senator Roland Burris (D-IL) authorizing the performance of elective abortions at military hospitals in the […]

Sarah Palin gave a very moving, personal, prolife speech in Kansas City last night. It was one of the best I’ve heard and I’ve heard plenty. And I didn’t expect it. The speech was during a benefit dinner for the amazingly effective prolife outreach of Vitae Caring Foundation. Vitae produces soft-sell prolife ads and distributes […]

A couple thousand some-odd years ago, Our Lady was born on September 8. In 1664, New Amsterdam became New York on September 8. Galveston, Texas was destroyed by a hurricane on September 8, 1900. Huey Long was shot in the Louisiana State Capitol on September 8, 1935. The Italian surrender in World War II was […]

Don Bosco Relics Arrive in U.S. this Week

St. John Bosco is to Italians from San Francisco what St. Patrick is to Irish everywhere – the main show in the galaxy of saints. I grew up surrounded by pictures, calendars, trinkets and even a second class relic of dubious authenticity of the saint, due to my grandfather’s great devotion to Don Bosco gleaned […]

Statement on Groundbreaking of Nuclear Weapons Plant

Various Missouri dignitaries will gather September 8 in south Kansas City to break ground on a new campus for the National Nuclear Security Administration. The facility will manufacture parts for nuclear weapons. Following is a statement by Kansas City – St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn on the project: Statement on the Groundbreaking of the […]

Is Catholics in Alliance Kaput?

This blog has had at least a dozen posts on the background and doings of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good over the last couple years, but this may be the last (let’s hope). It appears they are out of business. Let’s consider the evidence: They’ve had no blog posts since June 10. They’ve […]

November 27, 2020
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