OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Sarah Palin gave a very moving, personal, prolife speech in Kansas City last night. It was one of the best I’ve heard and I’ve heard plenty. And I didn’t expect it.

The speech was during a benefit dinner for the amazingly effective prolife outreach of Vitae Caring Foundation. Vitae produces soft-sell prolife ads and distributes them in a number of markets, including Kansas City. Their ads are aimed at women in crisis pregnancies. They get women to consider life and consider help. Vitae saves lives.

The non-partisan Vitae had come under fire for bringing in yet another Republican grandee to headline their dinner this year. Well, somebody has got to raise the money for these ads and if the Democrats had a high profile prolifer who could do that, I would expect Vitae to invite them. But Governor Casey is dead.

That aside, to give the naysayers their due, Fred Thompson did give a truly awful speech last year consisting of cliched Republican talking points while scarcely mentioning human life at all. You might have expected Palin to do the same, and honestly, I did.

But Palin rose to the occasion, avoided politics and stuck to message – a fact that was recognized even by the Kansas City Star which had earlier objected to her appearance. I rarely read a news account of an event I’ve attended to find myself saying, “Yes, that’s exactly what happened alright.” But Steve Kraske’s report in the Kansas City Star on the Palin speech tells “exactly what happened”. Kudos to him and the Star.

We’ll have our own complete report in next week’s Key and on the blog soon. It was too late for this week’s issue.

Don Bosco’s relics have made it to the U.S. and Gibbons Cooney at a Shepherd’s Voice has a report on their arrival at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco. The saint was a couple hours late because he was caught up in “customs at the U.S./Mexican border,” Gibbons reports along with a lot of other interesting details and pictures. Also check out his second post where Salesian hero Father John Malloy and some of his confreres celebrating jubilees renew their vows right in front of the relics of their founder.

Our friends at the Cardinal Newman Society have a new blog called Campus Notes. They will be chronicling their Official U.S. Pilgrimage to England for Cardinal Newman’s beatification (9/15 – 9/22) and be well worth reading beyond that tremendous event. They’re on the blog roll, so visit often. Father Michael Barber, S.J. is the spiritual guide for the pilgrimage. He is one of the great Jesuits today and I got to know him for a time when we worked together in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. He’ll be a good guide to follow this coming week.

Mark Shea is the best and today he’s at his best. His regular tipple is whole milk, but I suspect he was drinking strong coffee when he wrote his tour de force wake up call to American Catholics at InsideCatholic today. If you read nothing else this week, take the time to read Jesus Loves You; Caesar and Mammon, Not So Much. “We trust these people more than we trust Christ and His Holy Church.” Go there and find out why.

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October 30, 2020
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