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By Kevin Kelly Catholic Key Associate Editor KANSAS CITY — Patrons of a troubled nightclub that was the scene of a joint raid by Kansas City police and federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were held inside the club for up to five hours while the federal agents checked their fingerprints on an ICE […]

More to Kansas City Tavern Check than Reported

Below, Kevin Kelly continues to report and comment on the recent tavern check at Club Oasis. He includes information on 60+ “orders to appear” issued by ICE to patrons not accused of crimes – information which has eluded other reports. Tomorrow, Kelly will interview one of the patrons so ordered: Let’s be clear. Whatever else […]

What it says. And he makes $180 a month. He also rescues the bodies of aborted children from clinics and buries them in a cemetery he’s built. There are 9,000 children buried there. And he’s Catholic. The man raises the children as his own, but will return them to the mothers if they want them […]

From the upcoming edition of The Catholic Key comes Santiago Ramos’ take on The Social Network: The Soft Underbelly of Success By Santiago Ramos The Social Network DIR David Fincher SCR Aaron Sorkin, based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Rooney Mara Aaron Sorkin is […]

ICE Presence at Club Raid Raises Questions

This is, oddly I think, not that big a news story in Kansas City right now. It appears that in the course of a legitimate police raid on a problem night club, ICE officers requested identification and cited persons for immigration violations who were not themselves suspects in a crime. Here we see an “approach” […]

Ninth Circuit Lets Stand San Francisco Condemnation of Catholicism

Last Friday, an eleven-member panel of the Ninth Circuit Court dismissed a claim by Catholics in San Francisco that the City Board of Supervisors violated the Establishment Clause when they denounced Church teaching and urged the Archbishop of San Francisco to defy the Vatican. A little background is warranted. Early in 2006, Cardinal William Levada, […]

The Fall of Don Draper

From the upcoming edition of The Catholic Key: The Fall of Don Draper Season 4 Finale of Mad Men By Santiago Ramos “I know what you want,” Don Draper’s paid escort says to him in the first episode of the fourth season of Mad Men, which ended this past Sunday. Sometimes, in the movies, prostitutes […]

And five of them are in Missouri. Congratulations to Pius X and Sion! From the upcoming edition of The Catholic Key: By Kevin Kelly Catholic Key Associate Editor KANSAS CITY — Dioceses celebrate when one school makes the Acton Institute’s Catholic High School Honor Roll. But when two make it? “It is incredible that there […]

Such was the conscience of Thomas More according to Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted. Thomas More’s conscience, how it was formed, and most importantly, how he managed to follow it against nearly unbearable and unanimous opposition, was the topic of Bishop Olmsted’s homily at Kansas City’s Red Mass on Wednesday. The homily is at once […]

From the upcoming edition of The Catholic Key: The Blurry Borderline How to Think about the Upcoming Stewart/Colbert Rallies in Washington, DC By Santiago Ramos “In the sprawling anarchy of the web, the borderline between fact and fiction has melted away.” So writes Camille Paglia, literary critic and professor, in an article on singer and […]

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