More to Kansas City Tavern Check than Reported

Below, Kevin Kelly continues to report and comment on the recent tavern check at Club Oasis. He includes information on 60+ “orders to appear” issued by ICE to patrons not accused of crimes – information which has eluded other reports. Tomorrow, Kelly will interview one of the patrons so ordered:

Let’s be clear. Whatever else the Oct. 25 midnight raid at the Club Oasis was, it also appears very much to be an immigration raid.

Kansas City Police Chief James Corwin, in his Internet blog, called it a “tavern check” at a nightclub that had been the scene of numerous calls to police. He cited 68 calls for police service to Club Oasis, located on Southwest Boulevard on Kansas City’s West side, since May 2009, and another 99 police calls to “addresses immediately adjacent to the club.”

“These have included multiple shootings, fights, thefts, traffic obstructions and more,” the chief wrote.

Well and good. That is not in dispute. During the raid, according to the chief, four underage drinkers were busted, and an apparently unlicensed security guard and three others were arrested for possession of cocaine. In addition, the club owner was cited for allowing the underage drinkers, and two other security guards were arrested for not having licenses.

This is great police work and a community service.

On top of all that, as they ran the identifications of the estimated (according to police) 100 patrons inside the bar, police discovered 13 patrons who had been deported before and were back in the United States, four who had been ordered to leave and had outstanding federal warrants against them, and three more with criminal histories who were not legal residents.

Again, good and valuable police work.

But here is a number that hasn’t been reported. According to Suzanne Gladney, immigration attorney for Legal Aid of Western Missouri, 60 people showed up two days later at the Platte County office for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for “further processing” as they were ordered to do by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents permanently assigned to the Kansas City Department’s Gang Squad who were involved the Club Oasis raid.

Gladney stressed that she could not say whether the 60 were formally cited for immigration violations.

“They were given a piece of paper and told to report for further processing,” she said.

Gladney also said that the 60 were just those who reported as instructed, and could not say how many others might have been so ordered at the raid.

“I think we are talking between 60 and 100,” she said.

So here is the tally from the Club Oasis raid:

– Four arrests for drug possession.
– Four arrests for underage drinking.
– Thirteen arrests for re-entering the United States after deportation.
– Three arrests for being in the United States with a criminal arrests.
– 60 to 100 orders to appear for “further processing” by federal immigration officials.

“Tavern check”? Yes it was. “Immigration raid”? Well . . .

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