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What it says. And he makes $ 180 a month. He also rescues the bodies of aborted children from clinics and buries them in a cemetery he’s built. There are 9,000 children buried there. And he’s Catholic. The man raises the children as his own, but will return them to the mothers if they want […]

It is somewhat amusing now to post Bishop Finn’s thoughts on Peter Seewald’s book-length interview of Pope Benedict XVI. He wrote it last week before heading to the USCCB meeting in Baltimore and then on to the consistory in Rome. The plan was to put out Bishop Finn’s column in conjunction with the release of […]

More to Kansas City Tavern Check than Reported

Below, Kevin Kelly continues to report and comment on the recent tavern check at Club Oasis. He includes information on 60+ “orders to appear” issued by ICE to patrons not accused of crimes – information which has eluded other reports. Tomorrow, Kelly will interview one of the patrons so ordered: Let’s be clear. Whatever else […]

Below, Kevin Kelly relates an eyewitness account of what has turned out to have been an unprecedented non-workplace immigration raid in Kansas City. Previous parts of this series are linked below the story: By Kevin Kelly Catholic Key Associate Editor KANSAS CITY — Patrons of a troubled nightclub that was the scene of a joint […]

From the upcoming edition of The Catholic Key: ‘You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger’ Reviewed by Santiago Ramos DIR and SCR Woody Allen Starring Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Gemma Jones, Freida Pinto, and Naomi Watts This year’s Woody Allen opus begins with the story of Alfie (Anthony Hopkins), a wealthy septuagenarian lawyer […]

World War II Through the Eyes of a 20 Year Old

We weren’t going to publish this piece about the inspiring WWII stories collected by a local vet till the next issue, but since it’s Veteran’s Day it seemed appropriate to post. The story notes that the vet comes from the “tiny farming community of Utica, Mo., near Chillicothe.” If that doesn’t nail it down for […]

The cause for the beatification and canonization of the French Daughter of Charity regarded by the Church as the Founder of Mary’s House at Ephesus will open in Kansas City, January 21. In the words of one of Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey’s biographers, Mary’s House is a remarkable place where Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics “all […]

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