Diocese celebrates ordination of Father Louis Farley

Louis Farley's ordination

Bishop Robert W. Finn ordained Father Louis Farley, kneeling, to the diocesan priesthood May 28 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. (Kevin Kelly/Key photo)

By Kevin Kelly
Catholic Key Associate Editor

KANSAS CITY — She wasn’t there this time, but she was remembered.

Marjorie Farley died March 25 of complications from multiple sclerosis, a disease she suffered with for three decades.

She missed physically attending the priestly ordination of her son, Louis, by two months, but Bishop Robert W. Finn remembered that she was able to attend, at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in a hospital bed with medical technicians at her side, Father Louis’ ordination a year ago to the transitional diaconate.

Father Farley’s father, Larry, also preceded his wife in death in 2001.

“I remember so well the deacon ordination of a year ago when Lou’s dear mom, Marge, was present in her hospital bed,” Bishop Finn told the congregation, and Father Farley’s sister, Joanna, in his homily during the priestly ordination May 28 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

“I know Lou and Joanna’s parents . . . are so proud of their son and are with us spiritually,” Bishop Finn said.

Bishop Finn also thanked by name and by association every one who played a role that brought Father Farley to that day of priestly ordination.

“So many friends have prayed for him, encouraged him and given him good example,” he said.

The bishop also noted the staff of the diocesan Vocations Office, as well as the special prayers and encouragement of the Serra Club, the World Apostolate of Fatima, and the Knights of Columbus, of which Father Farley is a member.

“You all do so much to support our priests and seminarians,” Bishop Finn said. “Please don’t stop. We need your prayers and your blessed work for the church.”

Bishop Finn told Father Farley “to be a holy priest.”

“Pray every day, if possible before the Most Blessed Sacrament, and realize God calls you to make sacrifices for others, serving them with sincere and unselfish love, whether convenient or inconvenient,” he said.

Recalling the second reading for the ordination Mass, chosen by Father Farley, on the power of reconciliation, Bishop Finn told the diocese’s newest priest, “I know you will be a powerful ambassador of sacramental forgiveness.

“I know you will not be afraid to remind us of the commandments and our responsibilities to live lives of fidelity, and you will wait to receive sinners — not because the priest is without sin, but because Christ has chosen the lowly to show sinners the way home,” Bishop Finn said.

See BISHOP, page 16

“Let us never, ever stop singing of God’s mercy,” he said.

“All our hope is in the high priest Jesus Christ, who has chosen to call some to share his priesthood,” Bishop Finn said.

“In this mysterious way, he continues the work of conversion, sanctification and mission in the midst of the world,” he said. “He makes us new by his life and love. We ask that the love of Christ grow every stronger in our hearts, in the heart of the man who stands before us today.”

Bishop Finn also told Father Farley to “live up to the name which is perhaps our most cherished: Pastor.”

“Be fully a priest, and you will receive the reward Jesus promised: a hundred mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, homes and families,” he said.

Bishop Finn also urged Father Farley to stay close to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

“She is a refuge, a teacher and the church’s greatest sign of hope,” he said.

“Mary, I give you this priest,” he prayed. “I know you and St. Joseph will take care of him as another Christ.”


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