Pentecost prayers for unity

Pentecost prayers for unity

About 150 people gathered in front of the Cathedral before the special 9:30 a.m. Mass on Pentecost Sunday to pray for unity in support of Bishop Finn. (Jack Smith/Key photo)

By Jack Smith
Catholic Key Editor

KANSAS CITY – The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was packed June 12 for a special Pentecost Mass called for by Bishop Robert Finn “for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this local Church, that God may give us whatever gifts and graces we need to carry forward His commission.”

Prior to Mass a group of about 150 Catholics from throughout the diocese gathered in front of the Cathedral to pray for unity, for the diocese and in support of Bishop Finn. Another 50 prayed the Rosary inside the Cathedral before Mass. Our Lady of Good Counsel parishioner Nathan Lewis said the event before Mass came together largely by word of mouth.

“We asked God’s grace to heal and strengthen the diocese,” Lewis said. He also hoped the group would be a “witness for other Catholics” to show that the strong negativity toward the bishop exhibited in the press “is not how the majority of people in the pews feel.”

In his homily, Bishop Finn prayed for an outpouring of grace, in particular, for the diocese to be blessed with truth, peace and unity. The homily was also delivered at the vigil June 11 at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Bishop Finn received a sustained standing ovation at the end of Mass when Cathedral pastor Monsignor Robert Gregory said that the bishop’s “courageous and faith filled leadership is deeply appreciated.”

The full text of Bishop Finn’s homily is on page 4 of this issue.


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