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Key Classifieds – July 22

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Seminarians take step toward ordination

If all goes accordingly, eight seminarians will be ordained priests of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in 2015.

eJourn computer camp: a unique day camp for unique kids

Native Kansas Citian Kari O’Rourke knows how hot and sticky it can a hometown summer can be and she had an idea to make it a fun learning experience for 14 children.

Sister Vickie has left the building

Have you ever visited a Catholic school in the Kansas City area and heard it announced over the intercom that “Sister Vickie was in the building?”

New liturgical music will enhance the celebration of the Eucharist

You’ve figured out that GIRM stands for General Instruction of the Roman Missal, in other words, GIRM is the official Vatican document that explains how we celebrate the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

Cyclists take on cross-country mission for Vladivostok

They come from a place where they teach mountaineering in high school.

Will China Buy Our Silence About Persecution of Catholics?

In May of 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued a Pastoral Letter to Clergy, Religious, and Lay Faithful of the Catholic Church in the People’s Republic of China. There the Holy Father expressed his affection for the people and his solidarity with them. He explained the proper relationships within the diocese, between the dioceses and the […]

Ombudsman promises integrity, consistency

This is a very important telephone number: (816) 812-2500.

Joplin students spend five days helping others in Kansas City

For the past several months, the local news has been full of photographs and videos of the destruction in Joplin caused by the May 22 E5 tornado.

The Pearl of Great Price

Noted American novelist John Steinbeck wrote a famous novel entitled “The Pearl.” He quotes the parable of the pearl of great price from the Gospel of Matthew to begin the story. It is set in a poor village of Mexico where a family has an infant son they adore so much. The child, however, gets […]

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