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Avila gala raises funds for scholarships so lives can change

As about 500 people clapped and cheered, Avila University raised $501, 400 for the university’s scholarship fund at the 36th annual Steer Dinner and auction Feb. 18 at the Sheraton Hotel at the Overland Park Convention Center.

Acts of the Apostles, Part Two: Pentecost

The desire of Moses that God would pour out his Spirit on all peoples (Numbers 11:29) came to be treated as a prophecy of a future time when there would be a dramatic outpouring of the Spirit.

Water: An issue even three-year-olds can understand

In a snowball fight, it was always a good idea to team up with Gary White.

Conference urges men to lead by courageous example

“I am sick and tired of the wimpiness of Catholic men.”

Retired police chief to lead Independent Review Board

Former Kansas City Missouri Chief of Police James D. Corwin has been named chairman of the Independent Review Board (IRB) for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph.

From my mother’s womb

One of the deepest fears of a parent is that of losing a child.

Key Classifieds – February 24, 2012

La Confesión

La cuaresma es el tiempo especial para la penitencia en la vida de la iglesia.

Acts of the Apostles: Introduction

In the earliest narratives of the Bible, Moses expresses a desire which seems to apply to all of us today, “If only all the people of the LORD were prophets!

Repent and Believe in the Gospel

Graduation day is ordinarily a happy one, but it was not for Joseph, a student of mine some years back in Pennsylvania.

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