Retired police chief to lead Independent Review Board

James D. Corwin (photo courtesy of the Kansas City Missouri Police Dept.)

Former Kansas City Missouri Chief of Police James D. Corwin has been named chairman of the Independent Review Board (IRB) for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph.  The IRB is a consultative body that advises Bishop Robert Finn on the fitness for ministry or continued employment of any person accused of sexual misconduct with a minor in a parish, school or diocesan program. Retired Chief Corwin will succeed Jim Caccamo, who had extended his service to the diocese beyond the five-year term.

“I am very humbled to be asked to chair the Independent Review Board,” said Corwin. “This is both an honor and an obligation,” he said. “I believe that my service will be worthy work for our community.”

As chair of the IRB, Corwin will lead a seven-member body drawn from varied professions — clinical social work, counseling, child development, pastoral ministry, and law enforcement.  The board works closely with an ombudsman, who receives and investigates reports of suspicious, inappropriate behavior or sexual misconduct by clergy, employees or volunteers in the diocese. In addition to consulting with the IRB, the ombudsman has the authority to make reports to law enforcement and the Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services.

After 32 years of service – seven as chief – Corwin retired from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department in September 2011. He currently serves on the executive board of the Boy Scouts of America, teaches at Webster University, and is a member of Central Presbyterian Church of Kansas City.

“A hallmark of Chief Corwin’s career in law enforcement was his ability to build community relationships that increased the safety and well-being of Kansas Citians,” said Bishop Robert Finn. “Our Catholic community will be greatly enriched by his willingness to serve on the Independent Review Board.”




  1. March 2, 2012 at 11:20 am #

    Huge mistake! This man is not fit to make decisions impacting ministry. This man had an affair with divorced catholic women – who happened to be long time friend of ex wife. The events pre and post divorce have been horrendous. Was there a background check? Have post divorce court records been reviewed…to see what this man did to his children? This is fox watching chicken coop.

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