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‘Truly Amazing Women’

Saint Jeanne Jugan founded the Little Sisters of the Poor in Saint-Servan, France, in 1842, a mere 40 years before a group of sisters arrived in Kansas City to establish a home for the aged poor.

When God gives all, how do we respond, bishop asks

A physician friend of Green Bay Auxiliary Bishop Robert Morneau seemed like he had it all — wealth, health, an enormously satisfying career, a terrific family.

Grade school musical helps clear up misconceptions about autism

Fifth graders at Sunny Sky Elementary School were confused about Sam, a classmate who didn’t act and react the same ways the rest of the class did.

The Call of Nurture

Psychologists will forever be debating whether nature or nurture has a greater effect on the psychological development of the human person.

New Assignments – We are Grateful for our Priests

In today’s edition of The Catholic Key, you will see a number of new assignments for priests serving in our Diocese.

Clergy Assignments

Bishop Finn is pleased to make the following clergy assignments.

Acts of the Apostles: The Council of Jerusalem

Chapter 15 of the book of Acts relates the decision of the Council of Jerusalem. This is considered the first ecumenical council of the Church.

Key Classifieds – April 20, 2012

‘Have mercy on us and on the whole world’

“Jesus I trust in You. Have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.”

The Way of the Cross

Have you ever wondered how Jesus’ friends and followers felt as they walked with him through the streets of Jerusalem to the hill called Golgotha?

October 26, 2020
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