Honoring Holy Cross, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Angels’ families and yours

Marideth Sisco and the Blackberry Winter Band

By Marty Denzer
Catholic Key Reporter

KANSAS CITY — After the backpacks have been stuffed with paper and pens, and the hems on the uniform pants and skirts let down to accommodate growing kids, after registration, it’s time to relax before that first hectic day of school. What better way to relax and honor your family than a folk music concert at the historic Folly Theater?

The Bright Futures Fund presents a folk singing legend, Marideth Sisco and the Blackberry Winter Band, in concert, a Missouri Medley, Aug. 18 at the Folly Theater. The native of West Plains, in the Ozarks, appeared in Winter’s Bone, the prizewinning drama of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Her songs and stories are authentic Ozarks, a mix of the traditional and original tunes. Sisco and the Blackberry Winter Band will be framed be a giant screen showing images celebrating Missouri, the Ozarks, the hills, the scenery and the people, compiled by award winning nature photographer John Hess, Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. And don’t worry about fixing dinner, concert goers are invited to experience The Bright Futures Gastropub, a bar serving food from local farms and restaurants, Missouri wines, local liquor and beers.

The Folly Theater is located at 300 W. 12th Street in Kansas City. The Bright Futures Gastropub will open at 6:30 p.m., and the concert will begin at 8:00 p.m. Individual tickets are $35 for the concert only and $75 for the concert and a pre-concert visit to the Gastropub. For concert only tickets, contact the Folly Theater (816) 474-4444 or www.follytheater.org. There are four sponsorship levels also, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Sponsorships and donations help families who want to make Catholic education possible for their children.

Jeremy Lillig, interim director of the Bright Futures Fund, said Bishop Finn had talked about doing a gala, not an ordinary run-of-the-mill gala, but an event that people would want to come to and talk about for long after. “In planning the event,” Lillig said, “I wanted to make it about The Family, a fun time with a front porch mentality, you know, meeting friends and family, chatting and sipping drinks in a nostalgic atmosphere. Folks would want to come, enjoy time with their families, and raise money for a good cause.”

He said he had heard Sisco perform and was very impressed. “She has a genuine quality to her. She sings all the major folk hits.”

His delight at being able to book her and the band for a concert was compounded by the availability of The Folly for that evening. “The Folly has such an intimate feeling,” Lillig said. “The acoustics are warm, enabling a listener to lock into the atmosphere we’re trying to create.” Sisco is an English teacher and journalist who has her own show on Missouri Public Radio. “She knows the Ozark people, Lillig added, she’s a bean farmer.” Not only was Lillig impressed with her music, her generosity wowed him. “She’s coming to Kansas City the day before the concert, and she and the band are going to tour Our Lady of Angels, Holy Cross and Our Lady of Guadalupe schools and play for the kids.” o

For more information contact Jeremy Lillig, director of the Bright Futures Fund, lillig @diocesekcsj.org or (816) 714-2356. To learn more about Marideth Sisco, visit www.maridethsisco.com.


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