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Key Classifieds – December 21, 2012

Lumen Gentium: The Mystery of the Church

Each of us derives a great deal of personal meaning from our family name, our work, and our friendships.

God is with us: Merry Christmas!

As God Himself took flesh in the mystery of the Incarnation, He showed us that He wanted to be with us always.

Packed church remembers Msgr. Henry Bauer

He chose the wrong church for his funeral Mass.

New safety manager feels called to protect children

Cathy Morrison knows full well she stands on a solid foundation.

Mary, our help, our inspiration, our model

More than 200 people made the Bishop Helmsing Institute’s “Mary, Help of Christians” conference at Bartle Hall a part of their Feast of the Immaculate Conception observances the weekend of December 7-8.

SPRED helps persons with developmental disabilities grow in faith

With glowing eyes, children, teenagers and young adults sat, listening raptly, as a young woman read the story of the journey Mary and Joseph …

Vivimos al Estilo de la Familia de Nazaret?

En el tiempo litúrgico de adviento que celebra nuestra iglesia católica, recibimos la invitación de preparar nuestros corazones para la venida del niño Jesús.

Kansas Citians honor Our Lady of Ephesus in many ways, including a film

Movie goers rush to see the latest film, stories of fantasy, romance or violence. A film now in its infant stages will tell a very different story, one that is 2,000 years old but mostly unknown until now.

Demos la Bienvenida a Jesús en Nuestro Corazón

Dar la bienvenida es algo que nos gusta hacer y siempre es algo especial para nosotros y por supuesto para quien es recibido.

October 26, 2020
The Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph