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Retirement plans put on hold when health issues surfaced

Yes, there is life after retirement, and for Emeritus Bishop Raymond J. Boland, it’s been a busy life.

Congregation cheers as Bishop Boland marks 25 years

Applause? During Mass? In a Cathedral? Before that many bishops and an abbot?

‘Servant slave of Christ’ takes helm at Catholic Charities

The call is a powerful thing, as Deacon Dan Powers knows very well.

School Bell Breakfast helps make a difference

A gloomy, soggy morning greeted Kansas City as it awoke, but for the 720 attendees at the 5th annual School Bell Breakfast

El amor de Jesús y nuestro discipulado

Celebramos hoy el Quinto Domingo del Tiempo de Pascua, es una ocasión maravillosa para meditar acerca del amor y la paz que nos ofrece nuestro hermano y maestro Jesús

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

When I became a Catholic in 1995 I received a comforting grace from Jesus and His Church.

Father’s work of love is preserved and rededicated

The first time he set eyes on it nearly 60 years ago, Dave Kopek knew what it was.

Early commitments to boost Catholic education and formation campaign

Parishioners in the first wave of parishes participating in the Forward in Faith Campaign for Catholic Education and Formation are set to make formal pledges during Commitment Sundays …

History comes alive in Nazareth, Cana and in Galilee

I continued to be amazed and enthralled by the beauty of Israel, the Promised Land.

Father receives new lease on life from daughter’s gift of kidney

A bear of a man, Larry Janacaro is as tough as they come.

January 25, 2020
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