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Key Classifieds – June 21, 2013


Watching Jesus’ adult ministry unfold, 2,000 years later

The town was called Kefer Naum.

Pilgrim Virgin Statue spreads Fatima message

The story of Our Lady of Fatima is known to some extent by millions upon millions of Catholics and non-Catholics worldwide,

Hello, mudder! Here I am at Camp Savio!

If mud was their biggest fear, that phobia is gone.

The Trap of Public Opinion

Winston Churchill famously said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Montessori-Teacher Training Course

Where would you go if you wanted training in the Montessori approach to education of young children 3 – 6 years of age,

Witness the Meaning of Marriage

By the end of this month, the Supreme Court will issue decisions in two cases about whether marriage must be redefined in law to include two persons of the same sex

Campaign gets a big boost from a Chief to a Royal

Lamar Hunt Jr. has given a lot of big checks to a lot of professional athletes.

Los Cursillos un Llamado a Vivir Comunidad

El Movimiento de Cursillos de Cristiandad es un movimiento mundial que actúa en el interior de la Iglesia Católica,

Women’s Clinic baby shower

Baby showers honor moms-to-be, and are a special treat for them.

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