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Key Classifieds, January 24, 2014

Key Classifieds, January 10, 2014

Our Lady of Guadalupe School celebrates multigenerational families

Although many parish elementary schools have, over the years, been forced to close for one reason or another, there are several that have educated children for a century or more, and plan to continue for many more years.

Live as God’s adopted children, new SOLT leader urges

What is Holy Scripture’s practical answer to the question, how are we to live?

March for Life pilgrims begin journey with Mass

Spiritual courage and spiritual weapons are needed in a spiritual war,

Catholic Charities receives grant to empower women

Money is at the heart of many of the problems and the successes that women often have.

That They May Be One

At first glance we might be tempted to yawn at our Gospel reading for today.

The Mission of Catholic Schools: Support Parents in Forming Children

Parents love their children.

St. Peter’s experiment set to launch into space

A lot of firsts were celebrated at a Pep Rally at St. Peter School on Dec. 19.

Bring Catholic Schools into the Light

In the 1960s, the number of students in U.S. Catholic schools was over 5.2 million in almost 13,000 schools.

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