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Key Classifieds, February 19, 2016

Time is a gift from God, says bishop at New Year celebration

As he helped celebrate the lunar new year, Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. passed along a bit of American culture,

Rite of Election draws 405 who will enter church at Easter Vigil

Of all the days for a person drawn to the Catholic Church to visit the cathedral in her new city.

Students experience a “Day in the Life of Jesus”

Imagine life as Jesus might have known it: no cars, computers or cell phones.

Everyday encounters make us witnesses to Christ

Do you ever feel privileged to be a part of something special?

Listen to Him

If you are like me, you would be shocked to learn that recent studies reveal that 57 percent of the children born to millennial generation adults are born outside of wedlock.

Bishop congratulates married couples for choosing God and life

A reporter working in Afghanistan noted how during the rule of the Taliban, women walked several paces behind their husbands.

Second collection will help Charities do even more

How far can $25 with Catholic Charities go? How about saving a life.

The spirit of Catholic Schools Week at Our Lady of the Presentation

You might think first week of February is bleak and blah!

Key Classifieds – February 5, 2016

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