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Celebrate St. Joseph Tables

A (hopefully) complete listing of all St. Joseph Tables in the Diocese for 2016…

Works of Mercy in our Christian Life

One of the key points of focus that Pope Francis outlined in the official document announcing the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy was

Book, soup drive collects food for minds and bodies

Want to get something done? Involve third graders.

Diocesan Music Coordinator shares visions of future

Music, both vocal and instrumental, has played a big role of the Liturgy of the Mass for centuries; …

On Being Restored

Have you ever done something very wrong and then felt truly forgiven by God?

Our mission flows from an encounter with Jesus

Following is the text of Archbishop Naumann’s homily given at the annual White Mass for medical professionals at St. Thomas More Parish on Feb. 20:

Missionaries of Mercy, called to be shepherds to the vulnerable

Remember disobeying Mom or Dad when you were a child?

Middle Schoolers learn about Respecting Life

For almost 20 years, middle school students from Nativity of Mary, St. John LaLande, and St. John Francis Regis schools have spent a morning at Our Lady of the Presentation School learning about ministries …

Fifth grader pens prayer that’s gone viral

Social media has become a preferred method of communication — often snippy, gossipy or hate-filled

“The Way Love Feels: A Look at the Cross of Christ”

Don’t forget “The Way Love Feels: A Look at the Cross of Christ”

August 12, 2020
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