Dr. Alveda King visits St. Joseph in support of life

Dr. Alveda King autographs her book following her speech at the St. Joseph PRC fundraiser. (photo courtesy Sara Kraft)

Dr. Alveda King autographs her book following her speech at the St. Joseph PRC fundraiser. (photo courtesy Sara Kraft)

By Sara Kraft

“Let’s give God the glory! We have so many things to thank God for!” exclaimed Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. Alveda recently was the keynote speaker at the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) annual fundraising event Sweet Legacy. Despite the heavy rain, over 500 people attended the event. “The contributions from Sweet Legacy, our annual fundraiser, are nearly fifteen percent of our operating budget,” explained Executive Director Libby Owens. “These donations provide uninterrupted services to women in crisis pregnancies and for post-abortion healing.”

Dr. Alveda King spoke on her personal experiences with abortion and why Pregnancy Resource Centers are important. Alveda grew up during the civil rights movement led by her uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She sees the prolife movement as an extension of the civil rights battle. Even in her own family, where great personal sacrifices were made for civil rights, abortion was wrestled with in multiple generations. Alveda personally was rescued from abortion by her grandfather Martin Luther King, Sr. before her birth. When her parents were engaged, they found out they were pregnant with Alveda. When her parents questioned whether or not they would keep the child, Martin Luther King, Sr. encouraged them to give birth. He stated, “That’s not a clump of cells, that’s a baby.”

Later, after becoming pregnant on her honeymoon in 1969, Alveda had an abortion she did not ask for. When she became pregnant again, she had a second abortion because she was having marital problems. Following her divorce, Alveda became pregnant in the mid-1970s while dating. This time, she mentioned to Martin Luther King, Sr. that she was going to have another abortion because it “hurt less than a toothache.” He told her, “That’s my great-grandbaby. I will help you, I will be there.” Due to her grandfather’s support, she married the baby’s father and now has a total of six living children and ten grandchildren.

“Daddy King, Sr. was there to shake us,” explained Dr. King. Today, Pregnancy Resource Centers do much the same thing. They “witness the love of Jesus Christ to the family. They offer redemption, hope, and promise,” explained Dr. King. Like her grandfather, Dr. King served to rouse the hearts of those in attendance. “I have been involved with the Pro Life/PRC Movement since we lost our daughter at birth in 1966,” explained Pat Baker. “Beth Ann only lived 45 minutes after birth. I knew and felt the emotions of losing a child, so when Roe vs. Wade was put into law; I knew immediately this was wrong and would hurt women terribly… I have been a passionate pro-lifer since 1973 and many times get discouraged or feel defeated because abortion rights have lasted 43 years, but Dr. King…. inspired me to persevere and keep praying.”

“Abortion, sadly, is a terrible reality which we have become desensitized to in American today. As Dr. King spoke I reflected that Planned Parenthood is still in the business of lying to mothers and fathers, telling them that their unborn child is not a baby, that they can’t handle the cost of a baby, that a baby will ruin their life. We must fight these lies,” stated Kim Bartulica, mother of three. “We have chosen to be involved with the PRC because we know that abortion is THE greatest evil in our time. As Catholics we simply must do all we can to end the murder of innocent children. Further, we must extend mercy, hope and material help to allow mothers and fathers to choose to give their unborn children life.”

“St. Joseph PRC provides Christ-like service to pregnant, at risk and post abortive women addressing their spiritual, physical and emotional needs; equipping them to make life-affirming decisions,” explained Owens. “We offer three unique services to the community. Our clinic services focus on assisting pregnant women who are determined to seek abortions or are undecided about the outcome of the pregnancies. My Baby & Me classes are provided for women needing assistance and mentoring during pregnancy. Post-abortion recovery is offered to women who are ready for healing following an abortion(s).” In 2015, the St. Joseph PRC served 325 women.

To those considering abortion, Dr. King would offer, “There is help, hope, and healing. Choose life.”

Visit st.josephprc.org for more information.


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October 28, 2020
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