Emerging from the Deep

(photo courtesy Santina Cucar)

(photo courtesy Santina Cucar)

By Jen DeCoster

Grab your coffee and fire up your computer early on Thursday, February 2nd! Group registration for Camp Savio and Camp Bosco will open online at 10:00 a.m. Youth ministers and Group Leaders will have the chance to choose between Week 1 (June 5-10) or Week 2 (June 12-17) for Junior High campers and register their High School campers for Camp Bosco (June 20-24).

“Every year we have new themes and new participants. There are many opportunities for new and experienced campers to learn something new, meet someone new, and leave with a newfound attitude about their faith. I have attended Camp for all six years and there has never been a dull moment for me. Every year inspires me to be a better person, and to invest more time into my own spiritual growth,” said St. Patrick Youth Minister and Camp Director, DeLyne Knox.

Katie Troup from the Office of Youth Ministry and Camp Director said, “Every year we try to mix things up so you come to expect the unexpected. This year is no different. Even if you’ve been to camp three times before, we will have something new for you this year.”
“We always have a new toy so watch for a fun video in the next couple of months featuring Bishop Johnston!” said Diane Pickert, St. Gabriel Youth Minister and Camp Director.

“The theme for the 2017 camp year is ‘Emerge.’ Since we went Dangerously Deep last year we thought it would be great to choose ‘Emerge’ to inspire the teens to come out (emerge) from the deep and evangelize,” said Pickert.

Michael Nations from the Office of Youth Ministry and Camp Director said “After spending this past year going dangerously deeper into their faith it is time for the youth to emerge into this world and push it even further than before. For something to grow twice as big it must have even deeper roots than before to withstand what it will encounter.”

The Director team has been meeting since July for the upcoming camp season. Troup said, “My goal is that we sell out Camp Savio. We came close to filling all of the spots last year, and expect it to happen this year. For Camp Bosco, in its second year, my goal is that we increase attendance.”

“Any group that has come to camp has not stopped coming, and they continue to get larger. The mission of the Office of Youth Ministry and of Camp Savio and Bosco is to always help the Parish to grow stronger Youth Ministry and to do that through exciting encounter events that challenge the youth to become an active part of their parish,” said Nations.

“I have seen tons of kids be profoundly affected by camp. The community and the encounters with God greatly help grow the teen’s relationship with Christ,” said St. Gregory Youth Minister and Camp Director, Sam Geringer.

Youth Ministers and Adult leaders can go to www.campsavio.com/registration to sign their group up on February 2nd. Teens and families will register through their leaders. If your parish is not planning to bring a group, you can sign up through Katie Troup at troup@diocesekcsj.org.
“So much happens at camp for the youth and the adults. Having so many days to work with the youth, a lot can happen spiritually. I’ve seen youth for the first time build a genuine relationship with our Lord. There are fun activities that help reinforce their faith by tying in what happens on the grounds to what they learn in the catechetical sessions. I’ve also seen chaperones have conversions. They have been so moved by the youth and young adults who work the camp and their dedication to the faith that they have gone to confession for the first time in years,” said Pickert.

Knox said, “It is a blast! I know in my experience, our youth group has been profoundly impacted and has grown exponentially since we’ve brought kids to Camp Savio. We now have a large group of kids who are on staff, who look forward to coming back every year. You can’t tell me this won’t make our Parish stronger in the future, and these kids will be the leaders of our Church.”

Employment opportunities are available for college students. Their role is known as “Savio Shepherds.” The job description on the website says, “Savio Shepherds are college-aged staff that work directly with the Middle School teens during Camp Savio and the High School teens during Camp Bosco. A parish will be assigned to each Shepherd, as well as other jobs throughout the week. Staffers chosen for this position will need high energy and a lot of patience. It is a physical job, as staffers will interact in all activities.” Prospective staff members can apply at campsavio.com/staff/staff-and-volunteers/. There are also other volunteer opportunities available. Contact Diane Pickert at stgabrielyouth208@gmail.com to find out more.


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