Catholic Relief Services responds to the cry of the poor worldwide

By Marty Denzer
Catholic Key Associate Editor

JEFFERSON CITY — Where people are poor and hungry, victims of hurricanes, typhoons, landslides or earthquakes, war or explosions, the Catholic Church is there to help. CRS Vice-President Joan Rosenhauer presented on Catholic Relief Services at the MCC Assembly and explained to her audience how each was called to bring God’s love into the world, respond to suffering and protect the environment.

As St. John Paul II wrote in Mane Nobiscum Domine, his 2004 Apostolic Letter on the Year of the Eucharist, “Can we not make this Year of the Eucharist an occasion for … communities to commit … to responding with fraternal solicitude to one of the many forms of poverty present in our world? … the tragedy of hunger which plagues hundreds of millions of human beings, the diseases which afflict developing countries, the loneliness of the elderly, the hardships faced by the unemployed, the struggles of immigrants. These are evils … present—albeit to a different degree—even in areas of immense wealth. We cannot delude ourselves: by our mutual love and … our concern for those in need we will be recognized as true followers of Christ… “

Catholic Relief Services was started by the U.S. Bishops in 1943, to help the European countries savaged by the world war and its refugees recover. In the 1950s, CRS expanded its services to Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Later the agency began to also seek ways to help the people of developing countries break the cycle of poverty, including agricultural initiatives, health education, community banks and clean water projects, all ensuring that the people participate in their development. It takes more than bricks and mortar to rebuild a society. CRS strives to foster a sense of global solidarity within the U.S. Catholic community.

On Sept. 27, just a month ago, Pope Francis launched Share the Journey, a global campaign of loving the most vulnerable people in the world, migrants and refugees. The campaign is supported by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, CRS, Catholic Charites USA and the Caritas Internationalis network.

CRS suggests getting involved through prayer, volunteering with refugees and migrants, advocating with elected officials though email, letters or personal visits, and reaching out to spread the word through social media.

To learn more about the campaign, visit


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