MCC Anniversary workshops focus on pro-life, social justice & education issues

By Marty Denzer
Catholic Key Associate Editor

JEFFERSON CITY — A staple of the annual Missouri Catholic Conference assembly is the workshops. For the 50th anniversary assembly, workshops on Pro-life and Social Justice concerns were big attractions.

With the controversy over Planned Parenthood’s abortion services expansion in Kansas City, Columbia and Joplin receiving lots of media attention, one former Planned Parenthood center manager offered different, and disturbing information on the services their facilities provide, couched under the cozy term, “women’s health care.” Since 1973, the year the Supreme Court legalized abortion, there have been more than 59,833,034 abortions.

Sue Thayer worked for Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa (now Planned Parenthood of the Heartland) for 18 years, and truly believed she was helping women when she helped them obtain an abortion. Her viewpoint and heart were changed dramatically when Planned Parenthood informed her that as manager of her rural Iowa center, she would be required to provide webcam abortions, and administer the lethal medication.

What is a webcam abortion? Following a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound is performed on the woman and then a doctor reviews the image to determine the length of gestation. If the pregnancy is less than 70 days, the doctor can push a button on his/her computer which remotely opens a drawer, pre-filled with two powerful drugs, in the exam room. The first drug is taken at the abortion facility while the doctor looks on via a Skype-type connection. The drug blocks hormones and nutrients to the fetus, killing it. The second drug is them sent home with the woman to begin contractions. Thayer said clients are never told about the development of a 70-day old fetus.

Web-cam abortions enable one doctor to “see patients” across the state or across the country, without leaving their office.

Thayer also said Planned Parenthood centers are given a goal for the number of abortions performed, and those that reach the goal are rewarded with pizza, time off or other incentives.

Thayer, a single mom with five children and foster kids, refused to have anything to do with web-cam abortions and was subsequently fired from the Planned Parenthood Center. She then discovered Christian radio. Almost overnight she experienced a conversion from pro-choice to pro-life and contacted Iowa Right to Life. She told them her story and what Planned Parenthood was planning with the web-cam abortions. A few weeks later, nervous but determined, Thayer led her first 40 Days for Life campaign at the very clinic she had worked for. The clinic closed shortly after the campaign ended, the first one in the state to close.

To learn more about the Pro-Life resources in northwest Missouri, visit To sign up for the Respect Life Office’s newsletter, the Annunciation, email or call (816) 756-1850 ext. 558.








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