Score! Super Bowl tickets raffle quite a catch

By Megan Marley

Two lucky persons had a ball at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minn., after winning tickets through a recent raffle held by the Bright Futures Fund. The goal of the raffle was to raise funds for scholarships, for students at Catholic schools in the urban core of Kansas City.

“An unnamed source donated the two tickets and we made a little over $10,000, and next year we hope we can do better,” said Ken Kremer, former Chiefs defensive tackle and sports agent, who oversees special fundraisers for Bright Futures. He said that people from seven different states entered the raffle online, and the tickets were won by an entry from California.

“Each year Super Bowl tickets are extremely hard to get, and because of that there’s a demand for them. So we put together a raffle or a chance to win two Super Bowl tickets and we had 120-some people enter,” he said.

Though only two tickets (and an autographed Chiefs jersey and a football) were raffled, everyone won the satisfaction of donating to help kids have a Catholic education.

“Most of the students (at our Strong City Schools) are on aid, and it’s up to us to raise that money for 400 students. It’s quite a task,” Kremer said.

This is not the first football-related fundraiser for Bright Futures Kremer has helped with.

“Jeremy (Lillig), my wife and the rest of the board at Bright Futures Fund did what they call a watch party—to watch a Chiefs game, and everybody gets together for prizes and fun,” explained Kremer. “So we’ve done that for seven years, and it has done remarkably well. Now we’re trying to think of other things, one of those things is the Super Bowl.”

There are a few other sporting events he’s also considering for future ticket raffles.

“A couple of other things we’re looking at doing are Final Four basketball, which is the last weekend in March in San Antonio; and we’re also talking about trying to put together some tickets for the Kentucky Derby, that’s the 5th of May,” said Kremer.

“It’s just another way to generate funds for a good cause through a fun event, that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

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