Three raised to Diaconate May 12

Emmanuel Garduño, Andrew Kleine and Kendall Ketterlin stand in a line, waiting to be called forward by Bishop Johnston at their diaconate ordination May 12. (Megan Marley/Key photo)

By Megan Marley

The A/C may have been out, but the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was still packed almost to capacity for diaconate ordinations the hot, muggy morning of May 12.

Friends, family, religious sisters, priests and parish members all came to witness Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. ordain seminarians Andrew Kleine, Emmanuel Garduño and Kendall Ketterlin deacons.

In his homily, Bishop Johnston greeted the congregation in both Spanish and English, particularly thanking the parents and family of the soon-to-be ordained for the part they played in developing the men’s vocations.

Before continuing with the traditional homily text for the ordination of deacons, Bishop Johnston added his own commentary on what it means to be a deacon. He recalled his recent, moving experience on pilgrimage in Lourdes, France, the site where the Blessed Mother appeared to St. Bernadette. In the grotto where Mary appeared, there is a small marker that identifies the spot where Bernadette saw and spoke with Our Lady.

“I mention this because it is a simple reminder that we all are like St. Bernadette in some way. We each have specific concrete experiences with God and are chosen by God in the life we are given. God acts in history; and God acts in our personal history,” Bishop Johnston said. “If we wanted, we each could all go back to specific places and put down our own markers where we encountered God’s love in our lives.”

“Emanuel, Andrew, and Kendall have realized over time that this love of Christ has chosen them personally, and they, in turn, have chosen to say, ‘let it be done unto me’ as Mary did to God.”

He then tied in serving God as Mary did with the second reading from St. Paul on being ‘slaves for the sake of Jesus’.
“That term ‘slave’ has a very negative odor about it, especially because of the sad chapter in our own nation’s history over slavery. So it is striking that Paul would use this term to describe his new identity as a minister of Christ,” he said. “But, it is a paradox: to be a slave of Christ is to be truly free.”

“St. Paul spoke of being a slave for the sake of Jesus as a badge of true honor. He found joy and freedom in the bonds of love that united him to Christ and his Body the Church.”

Addressing the seminarians directly, he told them: “By offering yourselves and committing yourselves through solemn promises, you too are declaring that you too will preach ‘Christ Jesus as Lord’ and yourselves as slaves of Jesus.”

“To the world, your promises do not look sensible; to the world your promises look absurd: especially the promises to be obedient to another person, your bishop, and to be celibate for the sake of the Kingdom. To use another of St. Paul’s paradoxical metaphors, we are indeed ‘fools for Christ’s sake’.”

“Jesus speaks about the world in the gospel today. The Bible also speaks of two princes: the ‘prince of this world’ and the ‘Prince of Peace’. The drama before every person is: ‘which prince will I serve?’”

“As you three men begin your service as deacons, and God willing, eventually as priests, continually renew your allegiance and love for the Prince of Peace, our Lord, Jesus Christ, and his Kingdom visible in this world, the Catholic Church, that you might be effective in his service for the salvation of your brothers and sisters.”

After the homily, Bishop Johnston continued with the ritual and prayers for ordination. After the laying on of hands which conferred Holy Orders, the newly-ordained deacons were then vested in the stole, worn over the left shoulder, and the dalmatic vestment. Fr. John O’Brien vested Deacon Garduño, while Deacon Timothy Leete aided Deacon Ketterlin and Deacon Jayson Becker assisted Deacon Kleine.

The new deacons knelt before the bishop to receive the Book of the Gospels. As he gave it to them, he reminded them: “Receive the Lord whose herald you have become. Believe what you read. Teach what you believe. Practice what you teach.”
Mass continued with the three deacons assisting in various roles at the altar.

For the next year, Deacon Garduño is assigned to St. Mark and St. Joseph the Worker parishes in Independence, Mo.; Deacon Ketterlin is assigned to Good Shepherd parish in Smithville, Mo. and Deacon Kleine is assigned to Coronation of Our Lady parish in Grandview, Mo. All three deacons expect to be ordained next year.


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