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New principals take the helm at four grade schools

At St. Mary’s School in Montrose they have not one, but three ‘principals’

First lay president of Rockhurst High School takes the reins

Rockhurst High School opened as part of Rockhurst University in 1914 on the college’s campus at 52nd and Troost.

Founding faculty member now principal

Thirteen years ago, Cristo Rey Kansas City came into being.

St. Regis Academy: New beginnings

The Back-to-School Mass Aug. 16 at St. John Francis Regis Church was very special this year,

10 Religious Sisters Celebrate Jubilees

485 years.

Teachers gather at Mass to celebrate a new school year

Teachers, administrators, coaches and staff from grade and high schools across the diocese gathered to celebrate the annual Convocation Mass,

Knights In Service of God And Neighbor

The days of plate armor and fiefdoms may be past, but the knightly ideals of chivalry and service to God and neighbor still live on

Five students win Hibernian scholarships to high schools

One by one, five high school students read 500-word (or less) essays they had written to Bishop James V. Johnston Jr.,

“Lord, Save Us!”

Dear Friends in Christ,

“¡Sálvanos, Señor!”

Queridos Amigos en Cristo,

November 01, 2020
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