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Independence Franciscans welcome newly professed sister

“Dear daughter, what do you ask of God and of His Church?”

Demonstrating their faith … from their works

From Forest City across to Gallatin up north; south to Pleasant Hill, Harrisonville and many places in between, volunteers nominated by their parishes across the Diocese were honored Sept. 16

Cathedral Parish families pray for biggest apostolate — the school children

Since the beginning of the school year on August 20, moms and dads, grandparents, parishioners and friends have been signing up for a Holy Hour in the Daily Mass Chapel of the Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Nativity teenagers learn music ministry skills at camp

Music ministry isn’t all do … re … me.

Magnetic memo board saves critical health information

Muehlebach Funeral Care is investing in the local community with a new initiative that could help save lives.

Statement regarding Fr. Darvin Salazar

In late July, Bishop Johnston placed Fr. Darvin Salazar on leave from all duties in the diocese.

Causing Scandal

Modern psychological research has demonstrated that each of us were created with an inner need or appetite to seek out ‘emotional support’

Brother Stephen Cardinal, O.S.B

Tuesday morning, 11 September 2018, between the Offices of Vigils and Lauds, the monastic community of Conception Abbey was informed of the unexpected death of our beloved confrere, Brother Stephen Cardinal, O.S.B.

Brother Jeremiah Tuttle, O.S.B.

In the hours before dawn on Wednesday 5 September 2018, our beloved confrere, Brother Jeremiah Tuttle, O.S.B., heeding the call of the Lord to set aside the cares of this life, passed unburdened into the joys of heaven.

Catholic funeral reenactment links 1858 and 2018

Father Bernard Donnelly never visited Missouri Town 1855.

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