Vitae Foundation Connects 1,935 Women to Pregnancy Help Centers In Greater KC Area

Father Jonathan Morris, theological advisor/marketing consultant for ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and analyst for the Fox News Channel, addresses those in attendance at the Oct. 4 annual Vitae Foundation Dinner in St. Joseph, Mo. (Sara Kraft photo)

By Sara Kraft

“When a woman googles ‘abortion near me’ or ‘abortion clinic,’ an ad paid by the Vitae Foundation appears. What happens next is the defining moment,” explained Stacey Kromer, Senior Market Director for the Vitae Foundation at the annual Vitae Foundation Dinner in St. Joseph on October 4.

“She clicks on the ad. She’s not just seeing it; she’s taking action by filling out a form or making a call to request an appointment. This is a connection; it’s a lifeline.”

The Vitae Foundation encourages a culture of life through research-based messaging and mass media. Vitae Foundation has had a presence in 99 U.S. markets and 17 foreign countries since 1993 and has spent $1 million dollars on research and media for almost every year of legalized abortion.

In the first eight months of this year, Vitae ads have connected 34,348 abortion minded pregnant women to life-affirming pregnancy centers. Since its founding, Vitae has saved 82,000 lives—more than the capacity of Arrowhead Stadium!

It takes continuous effort to promote a culture of life.

“The battle for the American soul is not a metaphor. It’s not a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans, or left versus right….” explained Father Jonathan Morris, analyst for the Fox News Channel and theological advisor and marketing consultant for the film ‘The Passion of the Christ’, during the Vitae Foundation dinner. “It’s a battle between the Prince of Darkness and the Prince of Light.”

Father Morris said that the consequences for this battle are huge—while we often seem to be losing the battle now, we do know how the battle eventually ends. He reminded participants that the unconditional love of one soul is enough to transform an individual.

This is where the Vitae Foundation is essential.

“Research shows that if one person had offered help, the majority of abortion minded women would have carried their babies to term,” said Kromer.

Needing to know how to offer that help led Vitae to commission The Right Brain People, a firm who has worked with over 600 of the world’s largest corporations and organizations, to develop a methodology to uncover the emotional motivators that drive decision-making when it comes to abortion.

Today, Vitae’s expertise is connecting with women who are devastated by an unplanned pregnancy. One of Vitae’s vital tools is the use of mass media to distribute educational messages—their messages seek to be respectful, helpful and encourage dialog in a non-threatening manner.

“As of this year,” explained said Anne Carmichael, Senior Market Director for the Vitae Foundation, “Every ten minutes a Vitae ad connects an abortion minded, pregnant woman in need to a pregnancy center (across the nation) that offers real help and support.” They currently work with Pregnancy Help Centers in over 130 locations across the country.

Locally, Vitae has made an impact.

Since 2000, Vitae has spent nearly 1.8 million dollars in media advertising in the greater Kansas City area through television, billboards, online marketing, and sports marketing radio.

Their 2009-2010 billboard campaign particularly highlights their success. In 2009-2010, Vitae purchased 109 billboards covering the metro area for three months, directing pregnant women in need to local pregnancy help centers such as Advice & Aid, Rachel House, The Women’s Clinic of Kansas City, and Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic.

“Within the first week, five babies were saved – two were already scheduled for abortions…and those were canceled. In the end, eighty-three babies were saved,” Carmichael said. “It was very exciting for all involved. Following that effort, it was decided that the Kansas City market had all the components that need to be in place to guarantee the best results. Therefore, more campaigns followed every year thereafter.”

The Vitae Foundation continues to be successful in the greater Kansas City area.

From January to August 2018, the Vitae Foundation has connected 1,935 women to pregnancy help centers in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and greater Kansas City area. These help centers are Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers in Overland Park, Insight Women’s Center in Lawrence, Liberty Women’s Clinic in Liberty, Parkville Women’s Clinic in Kansas City, Rachel House in Kansas City, Shiloh Center in Harrisonville, The Source Medical Clinic in Maryville, Willowbrook Women’s Center in St. Joseph, Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic in Kansas City, KS and Olathe Pregnancy Clinic.

“Where Vitae ads go up abortions go down,” Carmichael concluded. “Vitae research-based messaging increases foot traffic to a pro-life pregnancy care center by as much as 65%. Most women don’t want abortion. They just don’t know that these centers exist.”

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