Christmas Wish Lists

Nativity of Mary School, Independence
New windows for 3 school classrooms–$1,000 per classroom
To donate, contact principal Mary Parrish at or call (816) 353-0284, ext. 215

St. Gregory Barbarigo School, Maryville
• Educational experience for all 4th, 5th and 6th grade students to attend ‘School of Economics’, a simulated multicultural neighborhood in which students portray immigrant shop owners and employees, as well as bankers, accountants and government officials, all to them be the consumers of tomorrow—$900 total
• 3 Acer Chromebook 732 laptops with G-Suite licenses—$280 +$25 each
• $500 to purchase Level 1 materials for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium
To donate, contact principal Susan Martin at or call 660-582-2462

St. Mary School, Montrose
• 5 Chromebooks—$190 each
• 4 document cameras—$200 each
• Art supplies and new books for the library
Donations of any kind are so appreciated; contact the office at (660) 693-4502

St. Regis Academy, Kansas City
• Amazon gift cards, to purchase classroom, teacher and nursing supplies, as well as additional curriculum materials
• White copy paper
• A large standing mixer for the Early Childhood Center
Donate on the school website at, or contact the school at or  (816) 763-5837

Bishop Sullivan Center (6435 Truman Road KCMO location)
• Winter coats –$20-$40
• Personal hygiene items—$4
• Diapers and formula—$10-$40
To donate, call (816) 231-0984

Bishop Sullivan Center (3936 Troost Ave. KCMO location)
Personal hygiene items, especially soap, shampoo, deodorant and women’s hygiene items—$4
To donate, call (816) 561-8515

Bishop Sullivan Center (2220 Central Ave. KCK location)
• Men’s and women’s winter coats—$20-$40
• Gloves—$8
• Hats—$6
To donate, call (916) 220-2480

Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph
• $500 would supply formula for a month to feed four infants in poverty
• $1,000 would keep four families warm for a month by paying their utility bill
• $850 would provide a case manager a laptop to help participants search for a job, set and document their progress toward their goals.
Donate to Susan Walker, Executive Dir. of Outreach &Engagement, 816-659-8218 or

FIRE Foundation
• Apple gift cards
• Best Buy gift cards
• Amazon gift cards
To donate, contact or (816)756-1858 ext. 253

MAX Prison & Jail Ministry
• Case of Catholic large print Bibles (10 bibles per case, 10-13 cases used per year)—$100 per case
• Case of Catholic Study Bibles for imprisoned citizens (20 bibles per case, 20 cases used per year)—$100 per case
• Rosary pamphlets, prayer booklets, and prayer card bookmarks (purchased in bulk)—$300
To donate, contact the Human Rights office at 20 W. 9th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64105 or at (816) 714-2364.

Project Rachel – Project Joseph
• Sponsor a retreatant for an Unfailing Mercy weekend retreat (facility, materials, food, etc.)—$125
• Sponsor a retreatant for an Unfailing Mercy 1-day retreat (facility, materials, food, etc.)—$50
• Books for further healing and spiritual growth for retreatants: 33 Days to Merciful Love: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in • Preparation for Consecration to Divine Mercy by Father Michael Gaitley –$14.95; and A Journey to Healing Through Divine Mercy by Theresa Bonopartis –$9.95
To donate, contact Project Rachel – Project Joseph, 20 W. 9th St., KCMo. 64105;; or call (816) 591-3804.


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September 26, 2020
The Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph