125 Men Inspired by 2nd Annual St. Joseph Men’s Conference

Dave DiNuzzo, Sr., founder of TrueManhood Men’s Ministry, speaks to men at the second annual Men’s Conference in St. Joseph held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish on March 23. (Sara Kraft/Key photo)

By Sara Kraft

ST. JOSEPH – “This has inspired me to be more prayerful with my wife,” explained Matthew Green, father of five from Chillicothe. “I am not the best at taking up the leadership role. This conference has made me want to step up and show the kids it is good to pray and take a more active role in their formation.”

Matthew was one of a hundred and twenty-five men who attended the second annual Men’s Conference at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in St. Joseph on Saturday, March 23. The purpose of the conference is to both inspire and equip men to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and to live the faith. In turn, these men can then inspire others to do the same.

“When men treat something as important, the whole world takes notice,” explained Fr. Samuel Miloscia, Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. “That’s what we are trying to do in our spiritual life.”

The idea for the conference came from the Band of Brothers group at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. Last year, they decided a day conference would enable the group to equip and inspire men in the faith that were unable to make their weekly 6:30 am meetings. The first conference was held last year on Father’s Day weekend, and it was decided to host it during Lent this year to enable more men to come. This switch enabled the event to grow.

This year’s all-star speakers included Father Richard Rocha, Pastor of St. Matthew Apostle Church in Kansas City, Dave DiNuzzo, Sr., founder of TrueManhood Men’s Ministry, and Dr. Scott Sullivan, founder of Classical Theist productions based in Houston, Texas. The conference closed with a Holy Hour led by Fr. Christian Malewski, Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish so the men could pray about what they learned. Throughout the conference, adoration was held with signups in fifteen-minute slots. Additionally, confessions were offered throughout the day.

Why specifically a men’s conference? “Sometimes men can feel a bit alienated in the Church,” explained Dr. Sullivan. “They can feel it is a women’s club.”

“We need opportunities for men to come together in brotherhood and know they are not alone and not the only one fighting,” explained Dave. “It goes a long way.”

Dave spoke to the men about “Manliness in the Modern Church”, which explored the culture’s idea of masculinity verses the Church’s idea of masculinity. “Knowing and loving Jesus is not only a feminine thing,” stated Dave. “Doing good is not only a feminine thing.” In his second talk, Dave addressed the realities of pornography in the age of smartphones and how to overcome the addiction. He pointed out that not all pornography is digital – romance novels for women can also be pornography.

Dr. Sullivan discussed how Catholic parents are training their kids to be atheists. “Parents send their kids out, raise them, and do not train them in the reasons of what we believe – like the existence of God and the divinity of Jesus,” he stated. “It’s like putting them in a boxing ring with a heavy weight champion with no training.”

“If your kids don’t have a solid formation in what we believe and why, they won’t maintain their faith when they grow up and face this anti-Christian world,” he explained.

Men of all walks of life were inspired by the conference.

“The number one thing that inspires me is the men here,” said Tony Dudik, former football coach at Bishop LeBlond High School. “In our positions as fathers, you have to band together to do the right thing. Sometimes that can be a lonely place to be. I am going to walk away inspired and ready to give back in my family and community and be the best leader I can be.”


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December 03, 2020
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