Catholic business executives chapter chartered in K.C.

Founding member couples of the newly chartered Kansas City chapter of Legatus were greeted by Archbishop Naumann, Bishop Johnston and Legatus founder Tom Monaghan after a special Mass and ceremony August 14. (Megan Marley/Key photo)

Megan Marley

The newest chapter of Legatus, an organization supporting Catholic executives (and spouses) in their faith and in bringing Christ to the marketplace, officially chartered in the Kansas City area August 14, the Vigil of the Assumption. The new chapter is the first to formally identify itself as being based in two dioceses, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas.

Nearly 50 persons attended a Mass (preceded by a rosary and confession) for the chapter and the following induction/commissioning ceremony at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Kansas City. Bishop James Johnston of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph offered the Mass, and Archbishop Joseph Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas gave the homily.

Naumann congratulated the chapter on the occasion and thanked them for living out the Faith in private, public and civil life. He found it quite appropriate that the chartering took place around the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, recommending Mass-goers imitate her.

“It is the role and goal of every Christian to do the will of Jesus—to give our own fiat,” he said.

He explained that just as the Ark, symbolizing God’s presence among the Israelites, was brought into Jerusalem with great celebration in the first reading, Mary—the new Ark—was brought into Heaven through her Assumption. So too will the bodies and souls of the faithful be lifted at the Last Judgement: “Our destiny is to live body and soul in the new Jerusalem, with Mary.”

With companies and organizations depending on their leadership, Naumann recommended Legatus members ask Mary for guidance and for prudence in decisions.

“We also need to invoke her real protection for the fierce battle for the soul of our nation,” he finished.

Following Mass, Bishop inducted new members and Archbishop commissioned chapter officers, blessing the members and officers of the new chapter and greeting each member couple with Legatus founder Tom Monaghan. All then convened at the Mission Hills Country Club for the customary dinner and ‘fireside chat’ talk, given by Monaghan.

Regional Legatus director Ken Darnell said Legatus’ roots in Kansas City started around 2015. The chapter reached the required 20 member couples to become officially chartered in December 2018—and it’s now at 22-23 couples and has a chaplain from each diocese, explained Kansas City chapter President William (Bill) Kirk.

“We have a monthly dinner, preceded by opportunities for confession and recitation of the Rosary and a Mass—so we do something like this (gathering) every month,” Kirk continued. He said they alternate monthly gatherings on either side of the state line—usually at Bishop Miege Chapel or Our Lady of Good Counsel—and invite a renowned Catholic speaker to chat after dinner.

“We have learned things about the faith that we hadn’t necessarily heard before because of the uniqueness of the speakers. Plus the relationships are wonderful too,” said Denise Mills.

“They really are world-class speakers,” her husband Richard Mills added.
Young professional Alec Haight appreciates the witness of Faith he’s seen through Legatus.

I was able to see all the influence these people have at their regular jobs and the way that they can influence their companies and the community around them,” he said. “For me that was huge—because in doing my day-to-day work and having someone who’s been through a lot of the same stuff I’ve been through and still being able to shine that light…it’s been a constant for me to go back to these once a month meetings. that there’s a group of people all in this together.”

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    These member couples, who love each other, are really an inspiration for married love and how to love your neighbor.

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