What’s up with the Diocesan Vision? Part 2: Creating a comprehensive resources strategy

Megan Marley

How can we effectively and efficiently utilize the Church’s resources?

A goal of the diocesan vision—‘create a comprehensive resource strategy by October 2021’—is putting this front and center.

Annette Weeks, diocesan visioning team member in charge of the priority ‘Using Resources Wisely’ (under which the resource strategy goal falls), said that the goal is divided into four subgroups/subcommittees: Information/Communication, People, Property and Financial Resources.

“We have purposely went out and asked for people to be on these committees from diversified backgrounds and expertise in analyzing the resources of the diocese,” said Weeks.

The Information/Communication subgroup will look at how data is captured and utilized, and how information flows; the People committee reviews personnel; the Property group will look at tangible resources such as parishes and schools; and the Financial group will review the balance sheet and cash flow of the diocese. Three out of the four subgroups have met at least once; the personnel review committee is still forming.

“In the initial discussion we are reviewing what the strategy currently is for the diocese and we’ll look to what parishioners and parishes would like in addition to what’s already being done,” Weeks said.

“We are doing all different formats to collect the information; some of it is asking staff and those already involved, some of it is through surveys and some of it is reaching out to people who aren’t engaged in the conversation yet to help us understand the needs,” she continued.

“What we’re hoping to do is gather the information and decipher it, and then give recommendations to the bishop and the diocese. So it will be up to them then what they want to pursue of our recommendations.”

In a way, the subgroups continue to excavate what was communicated in the Summer 2018 listening sessions. For instance…
“We did hear in the listening sessions that people desired more communication. It was not clear of what they meant by that, so this committee has taken on the task of clarifying that and finding productive ways to communicate stronger to our parishes and people,” Weeks said.

For information on the Priorities and Goals of the diocesan Vision, visit kcsjcatholic.org/our-vision.


  1. November 8, 2019 at 2:08 pm #

    More communication could just be that. It has been a good while since there has been anything about the Visioning to come out from the Diocese.
    From a marketing perspective, if there is no news, the perception is there is nothing happening. While you and I know there is quite a bit happening behind the scenes, no news is just that. So through the process, even if there is no much to write about, there needs to be some communication that sub-committees are meeting reporting back to their principle committee and results are being evaluated.
    This is a weakness in our Diocese. Things are happening and are planned all the time, hearing from the Key every two weeks, at times, is late for anyone to schedule, or the event has already happened. Communicating just needs to be done more frequently.

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