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At Home, At Last

A Veteran Moves on and Makes Room for More By Lisa Tulp Catholic Charities Kenneth can divide his life into “before” and “after”: before he moved off the streets into St. Michael’s Veterans Center, and after he achieved enough stability to move on. In between those extremes, Kenneth said, Catholic Charities changed his life. Before […]

Did You Know? The Easter Candle

The use of the Paschal Candle has origins reaching at least to the third century, and may have a more ancient connection to the Jewish practice of lighting a candle at the end of the Sabbath. The blessing of the Paschal candle at the Easter Vigil and its use throughout the year is rich in […]

An Adopted Child, Closer Than Blood

By Jack Smith Catholic Key Editor When my wife and I were married nearly twenty-three years ago, we wanted to have a child right away. I am the oldest of ten kids and found my experience growing up in such a large family to be ideal. We didn’t plan to have ten children but we did […]

What is a Cardinal?

Pope Francis chose Valentine’s Day to create 20 new Cardinals for the Church. The choice of St. Valentine’s feast was quite significant because he was an early priest of Rome who was tortured and beheaded for refusing to renounce the faith. When the Pope creates a cardinal, he imposes a red biretta on his head. […]

Statement of Cardinal Timothy Dolan Responding to Feb. 1 Proposal from HHS

For almost a century, the Catholic bishops of the United States have worked hard to support the right of every person to affordable, accessible, comprehensive, life-affirming healthcare.

The Bishop’s Role in Fostering the Mission of the Catholic Media

When I was editor of the diocesan paper in St. Louis, my office had a statue of St. Francis DeSales, Bishop of Geneva, and Doctor of the Church.

September 27, 2020
The Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph