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Ninth Circuit Lets Stand San Francisco Condemnation of Catholicism

Last Friday, an eleven-member panel of the Ninth Circuit Court dismissed a claim by Catholics in San Francisco that the City Board of Supervisors violated the Establishment Clause when they denounced Church teaching and urged the Archbishop of San Francisco to defy the Vatican. A little background is warranted. Early in 2006, Cardinal William Levada, […]

Revised Grail Psalms Ready For Publication and Pre-order

Last April, we reported that the Vatican had given its recognitio to the Revised Grail Psalter. The new translation was undertaken by Abbot Gregory Polan and his fellow Benedictines at Conception Abbey in the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph. We now receive word from Conception Abbey that the psalms are ready for publication […]

The Immaculate Conception of Guadalupe

December 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It was not ever thus. In the fifth century, a celebration of the “Conception of the Most Holy and All Pure Mother of God,” was celebrated on December 9. The Eastern Orthodox today celebrate “The Conception by St. Anna of the Most Holy Theotokos (God-bearer)” on […]

ICE Presence at Club Raid Raises Questions

This is, oddly I think, not that big a news story in Kansas City right now. It appears that in the course of a legitimate police raid on a problem night club, ICE officers requested identification and cited persons for immigration violations who were not themselves suspects in a crime. Here we see an “approach” […]

A Republican Argument for the DREAM Act

Can you guess who made this straightforward and impassioned plea for the DREAM Act? I rise today to introduce legislation that will help make the American dream a reality for many young people. “The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act ,” or “The DREAM Act ,” resolves immigration status problems that plague undocumented […]

The Soft Underbelly of Success – Thoughts on ‘The Social Network’

<i>From the upcoming edition of The Catholic Key comes Santiago Ramos’ take on The Social Network:</i><br /> <br /> The Soft Underbelly of Success   <br /> By Santiago Ramos<br /> <i></i><br /> <br /> <i>The Social Network     <br /> </i>DIR David Fincher    <br /> SCR Aaron Sorkin, based on the book <i>The Accidental Billionaires</i> by […]

Lowest Crime Cities Have Huge Immigrant Populations and Vice Versa

CQ Press came out with their annual ranking of US cities based on crime rate in the US on Monday. Just looking at the list, I got a hunch as to an interesting correlation; the safest cities seemed to be high-immigrant population centers, while the most dangerous were not. So I checked it out. The […]

Bishop Finn Urges Passage of Dream Act

The Dream Act is expected to soon come before the U.S. Senate as a stand-alone bill. The act would provide a path to conditional permanent legal resident status to those who were brought into the country by their parents, have lived here for more than five years, stayed out of trouble, completed high school or […]

What it says. And he makes $ 180 a month. He also rescues the bodies of aborted children from clinics and buries them in a cemetery he’s built. There are 9,000 children buried there. And he’s Catholic. The man raises the children as his own, but will return them to the mothers if they want […]

It is somewhat amusing now to post Bishop Finn’s thoughts on Peter Seewald’s book-length interview of Pope Benedict XVI. He wrote it last week before heading to the USCCB meeting in Baltimore and then on to the consistory in Rome. The plan was to put out Bishop Finn’s column in conjunction with the release of […]

November 29, 2020
The Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph