La fidelidad de un discípulo

De acuerdo a las estadísticas demográficas que arroja el Documento Final del V Encuentro, la Diócesis de Kansas City-St. Joseph, tiene 103,417 Latinos/Hispanos del cual solamente 5,620 asisten semanalmente a Misa Dominical en español.

For Love of God…and Neighbor

What’s more important, fulfilling your duties toward God or helping your neighbor?

Why do I have to go to Mass?

Today we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi – the Body and Blood of Christ.

Another Step Forward

Journeys are not made by leaps and bounds, but by a series of steps one after another.

If We Don’t Worship God We’ll Worship Something Else

A brief survey of history will show easily that humans are naturally religious; we are “wired” for worship

The Day of Pentecost

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday.

Is Life a Cruise or a Pilgrimage?

There was no abuse or infidelity in the marriage;

El llamado a un discipulado misionero

Para entender el significado de este llamado, es esencial saber su definición.

The most important point of Christian life

What’s the most important thing in the Christian life?

Who are Your Heroes?

One cannot help but notice that the box office is being dominated by films related to superheroes.

October 19, 2019
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph