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Red Mass homilist stresses duty of love to all neighbors

They are doing God’s work when they work for justice for their clients.

Vatican receives sainthood cause for Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey

Erin von Uffel and Lorraine Fusaro are certain.

Kansas Citians honor Our Lady of Ephesus in many ways, including a film

Movie goers rush to see the latest film, stories of fantasy, romance or violence. A film now in its infant stages will tell a very different story, one that is 2,000 years old but mostly unknown until now.

Pilgrimage continues cause for finder of Mary’s House

The Cause of the Beatification and Canonization of Servant of God, Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey took a major step forward in early October when Bishop Robert Finn led the Tribunal to Turkey for five days of meetings and interviews.

Bishop praises DCCW for years of service to the church

They may be just a bit older than the teenagers who receive the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Robert W. Finn.

September 24, 2020
The Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph