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Campers learn loyalty in the Book of Job

The atmosphere on Monday afternoon was full of anticipation,

Emerging from the Deep

Grab your coffee and fire up your computer early on Thursday, February 2nd!

Camp Savio takes teens ‘deeper’ with a new camp for high school

Insects buzzing, birds flying overhead, cars driving in the distance, the sky colored orange and yellow as the sun set… this was the background of a Thursday night at Camp Bosco.

A Summer to be Inspire[d]

Camp Savio celebrated its five-year anniversary this summer.

Camp Savio scheduled for two weeks in June

As the weather warms up, we hear birds chirping and see flowers blooming; we know summer is on its way

Youngsters of all ages enjoy benefits of Camp Savio

Camp Savio may no longer be just for middle-schoolers any more.

Hello, mudder! Here I am at Camp Savio!

If mud was their biggest fear, that phobia is gone.

Camp Savio will offer fun, faith in abundance

A new diocesan week-long summer camp opens in a few months for junior high kids who want to play and pray, hard.

August 12, 2020
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph