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Emerging from the Deep

Grab your coffee and fire up your computer early on Thursday, February 2nd!

Camp Savio takes teens ‘deeper’ with a new camp for high school

Insects buzzing, birds flying overhead, cars driving in the distance, the sky colored orange and yellow as the sun set… this was the background of a Thursday night at Camp Bosco.

A Summer to be Inspire[d]

Camp Savio celebrated its five-year anniversary this summer.

Youngsters of all ages enjoy benefits of Camp Savio

Camp Savio may no longer be just for middle-schoolers any more.

Middle schoolers learn faith, fun can go together at Camp Edge

What better way to spend a week at the dawn of summer than some good, clean Catholic fun? Well, scratch the clean.

August 14, 2020
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph