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Msgr. Kaiser celebrates a milestone birthday

Msgr. Ralph L. Kaiser, pastor of The Church of the Santa Fe, celebrated his 90th birthday July 1st and 2nd.

Pro-life pilgrims knew the bus trip wouldn’t be easy

They can’t say they weren’t warned. …

A miracle maybe, but a blessing definitely

It was around 10 a.m., Sept. 28, and the pilgrims from the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph who had traveled to Philadelphia for the pope’s visit

Msgr. Ralph Kaiser celebrates 60 years of service to God and his people

He strolls around several red rose bushes planted outside the door to the Church of the Santa Fe, occasionally leaning over a bloom to inspect it.

Pro-life pilgrims rise early for Mass, journey to Washington

There are three kinds of travelers, Msgr. Ralph Kaiser told a rather unique and special congregation before dawn on Jan. 21.

July 16, 2020
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph