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Bishop welcomes 315 at Rite of Election

“I was a hard core atheist because I could never get straight forward answers from other denominations,”

Bishop Johnston celebrates Rite of Election for 335 individuals

“I want to welcome all of you today to your Cathedral for this special point in your journey of faith,”

Rite of Election welcomes 357 catechumens and candidates

The weekend of March 3 – 4 was an important one in the Diocese of Kansas City- St. Joseph.

Rite of Election draws 405 who will enter church at Easter Vigil

Of all the days for a person drawn to the Catholic Church to visit the cathedral in her new city.

Examples of others send 365 to ‘full color’ of Catholic faith

Chad Steiner was on his way to a doctorate in religious studies four years ago when the unexpected happened.

Bishop welcomes 419 at Rite of Election

Sometimes the newest Catholics are the best evangelizers.

Journey continues for catechumens, candidates

The family that prays together stays together, as the late “Rosary Priest” Father Patrick Peyton was famous for saying.

Old, young and families are welcomed at Rite of Election

Brimming with excitement, 416 catechumens and candidates brought 416 stories with them as they entered their home stretch Feb. 25-26 toward full communion with the Catholic Church.

Bishop welcomes 471 at Rite of Election in KC, St. Joseph

When it comes to evangelization, there are very few, if any, things better than a welcoming parish.

The Rite of Election: Welcome Catechumens and Candidates

This weekend will be busy with three celebrations of the Rite of Election. Two large gatherings at the Cathedral in Kansas City and one at the Cathedral in St. Joseph will be the opportunity to welcome more than 500 persons (most are adults) seeking to be baptized or otherwise enter full communion in the Catholic […]

February 24, 2020
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph