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St. Francis Xavier School students experience “living” history

“Reenactments help aid and inspire kids and adults to learn history on a more personal level,”

NW Missouri Catholic Schools celebrate with service

The Catholic elementary schools in Northwest Missouri decided to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, January 27-Feburary 1, by giving back to the greater community

St. Francis Xavier School donates school supplies to empower children across the globe

“When I was growing up, my parents struggled to afford school fees and school supplies,”

Bishop visits St. Francis Xavier School in St. Joseph

“I’m still kind of new, and I heard about your school and how great the students are so I wanted to check it out for myself,”

St. Francis Xavier School Lives Like Jesus and Thrives Like Jesus

St. Francis Xavier School in St. Joseph, Missouri is concentrating school-wide this year on how they can “Live Like Jesus and Thrive Like Jesus.”

Students experience a “Day in the Life of Jesus”

Imagine life as Jesus might have known it: no cars, computers or cell phones.

St. Joseph schools gather as one for annual Mass

Of course, they didn’t fill up the place. Bill Grace Gym at Bishop LeBlond High School is huge.

Proud to be an American

From the bright red, white and blue balloons, to the streamers in St. Francis Xavier School gym on November 11 – two things were clear.

Generosity of Catholics helps mother keep promise for her children

Funded by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, the Honoring Families Scholarship is helping a St. Joseph family keep its promise to their father.

November 27, 2020
The Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph