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One City Cafe, where the poor dine with dignity and jazz

For decades, the poor, the homeless and the hungry in central Kansas City knew that St. James Parish and the Bishop Sullivan Center would help.

Red-hot Royals ‘hit it a ton’ for Kansas City’s hungry

On Thursday evening, Aug 6, the Kansas City Royals completed a three-game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Once hungry himself, Chiefs’ linebacker buys and serves meal for K.C.’s poor

He packs 275 pounds of sculpted muscle on a 6-foot, 3-inch frame.

Feeding the hungry and feeding their souls

“Soul Food for the Soul,” a new Lenten ministry of St. Louis Parish in collaboration with their sister parish, St. Thomas More, is committed to inspiring and loving the poor.

Longtime volunteer celebrates birthday at St. James Place

Joanne Eller, a long-time volunteer in the inner city, celebrated her 80th birthday with her children and grandchildren, serving dinner to the homeless March 16 at St. James Soup Kitchen.

Service and camaraderie go hand in hand

What compels someone to volunteer at a community food pantry, a soup kitchen or employment counseling and training center?

Billy & Katie Butler – & friends – keep hitting for KC’s hungry

Here’s a sign of hope for you long-suffering baseball fans.

February 17, 2020
Newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph