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Children promise prayers for vets

It’s not usual for a voice from the choir to interrupt Mass.

Pro-lifers say sacrifice is worth it

They already made a sacrifice to get up before dawn and get to Mass at 5 a.m.

Statue of St. John LaLande dedicated

Standing on a table near the altar, he was dressed in buckskins and gazing benevolently on the assembled parishioners of St. John LaLande Catholic Church.

St. John LaLande Parish celebrates 75 years

Friday, June 17, 1938 was a pleasantly warm day for the small group of Catholics living in and around Blue Springs who gathered in “Stanley Hall” for their first Mass as St. John LaLande Parish.

¿Estas cuidando a tu esposa? Ella se merece lo mejor

Todos los matrimonios que se casan por la Iglesia prometen amarse y cuidarse por toda la vida.

Pro-life pilgrims rise early for Mass, journey to Washington

There are three kinds of travelers, Msgr. Ralph Kaiser told a rather unique and special congregation before dawn on Jan. 21.

November 29, 2020
The Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph